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intro :)

hey everyone, just grabbing a few minutes to introduce myself :). I'm not sure I have much new to bring to the list of authors already mentioned here, although I've discovered a few new ones myself already :). However, if anyone has kids I thoroughly recommend Caroline Lawrence's The Roman Mysteries series - my oldest started reading them aged eight and is currently hanging out for book 12 to appear. Link to her website if anyone wants to take a look:


and this is me:

Name /Username? Kaurseeker

Age? 32

Country from? UK

Favorite authors/era? Ellis Peters, Michael Jecks, Bernard Knight. Favourite Era? At the moment medieval especially 11th and 12th century into very early 13th (King John's reign), although I'm looking forward to reading some of the Roman murder/mysteries I now know of thanks to this community :)

Authors you'd like to read? Again thanks to this community I have a huge list of 'em and have just started off with Bernard Knight!

What do you like about the era(s) your favorite authors write in? I have been fascinated by the Middle Ages for a couple of years now and like to write in them myself (mainly for fanfiction purposes if anyone has heard of an old TV show called Robin of Sherwood?) so started reading up about those times for research purposes. Reading fiction set in those times was a natural extension of the interest.

I like Jecks (and also Knight whom I've just discovered) because their books are based in Devon where I happen to live. Nothing more fun than being able to walk about in your fav characters footsteps.

Comments on characters? Cadfael has long been a favourite of mine ever since I saw the TV series and then got into reading Peters' books. I like how his friendship with Hugh Beringar developed, the fact that he is of Welsh origin (having lived in Wales in my youth) and the way his past often enters into his present life (mainly in the form of Olivier de Bretagne).

I'm halfway through knight's The Sanctuary Seeker and Sir John is shaping up to be a definate favourite - with the exception of Gwyn, everyone around him seems to like making his life difficult ;).

Comments on authors' writing styles? I love all the attention to detail and meticulous research that has gone into the books of Knight, Peters and Jecks. Peters weaves wonderful stories and I always enjoy Cadfael's deductions. Jecks I find harder to read as he jumps point of view between characters even within paragraphs which I find a bit disorientating - and I admit, that is a personal gripe. Knight I am enjoying immensely but will comment on more when I've finished this first book :)
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