Simon (itzar) wrote in murder_sub_rosa,

Intro post

Hi. I just joined this community. This is my intro:

Name /Username? Simon (username itzar)

Age? 21

Country from? USA/Canada

Favorite authors/era? - Ancient Rome/Steven Saylor

Authors you'd like to read? Dunno. Anyone who knows their history and isn't cliche would be nice.

What do you like about the era(s) your favorite authors write in? The Romans are both like us and unlike us in exactly the right proportion; they are the source of our civilization so you can see yourself in them and get to know them, but they are still strange enough to be exciting. I Claudius by Robert Graves isn't exactly a mystery, but it's in the same vein and I liked it very much.

Comments on characters? Gordianus the Finder is really cool. I like the way Saylor deals with minor figures like Clodius who don't often get a voice. Same goes for Graves and Livia (not that she's a minor figure of course - but he does let her justify herself).

Comments on authors' writing styles? I like page turners, but I'd much rather read an author who does his homework and is historically accurate but not so exciting than one who is exciting but makes a lot of mistakes.
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