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I found this community through searching for 'Marcus Didius Falco'. The last community I was with, Falco_fans, seems to have been deleted and purged. I heard today that Lindsey Davis has a new novel out called Alexandria. I wish I had known earlier! Hopefully I can keep up with new publications on this community, and discuss historical murders :)

Name /Username?  My name is Glittermouse, I dont use my real name online.
Age? "nearly 30"
Country from? England
Favorite authors/era? Ellis Peters was my first historical author and I will always love the Cadfael books. I am extremely keen on Susana Gregory's Matthew Bartholomew mysteries although I havent managed to get into her Chaloner series. And of course I love Lindsey Davis' Falco series. Other books I am fond of include Agatha Christie's Egyptian myster "Death Comes as the End" which makes me think I might enjoy the Rameses series. And I also enjoy the Mrs Bradley books by Gladys Mitchell, I guess the Roaring Twenties counts as historical ;)
Authors you'd like to read? I'm not sure yet, I keep thinking CJ Sansom might be good, and obviously the Rameses series mentioned above. I also read Relics byPip Vaughan Hughes which was interesting but not as enjoyable as some of the aforementioned books. I would really like to read a series of murder mysteries set in the flower and willow world of the geisha in Gion, but I havent heard of anything like that.
What do you like about the era(s) your favorite authors write in? I do medieval-style LRP so the Gregory books and Cadfael series interest me. I also like the area in which Gregory's books are set. I have been fascinated by Ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt for a long time and I love the imagery that Davis puts into her books.   
Comments on characters? My favourite characters are Brother Michael and Kenyngham (Susanna Gregory), Brother Oswin (Cadfael), and of course Falco and Helena. Father William is a great antagonist to Bartholomew and Michael, and I love the way that Ellis Peters' Brother Jerome is written, even though I dislike him intensely.
Comments on authors' writing styles? I like that Lindsey Davis makes Ancient Rome seem accessible even to 21st century me. I also really enjoy the medical side of the Gregory books, it's like medieval CSI :) 
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