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A Murder on the Appian Way...

So right now I'm reading the only Steven Saylor mystery I *haven't* read - A Murder on the Appian Way. Not only is Saylor showing his usual impeccable writing style and knowledge of the subject of Ancient Rome/Republic Rome, but he's doing what he does so well: tying in an actual historical event with/as the mystery plot. Saylor's best in the Roma Sub Rosa series, IMHO, is Catilina's Riddle - which uses the historical trial of Lucius Sergius Catilina (accused of defiling a Vestal Virgin) as part of the mystery Gordianus the Finder is to solve. In A Murder on the Appian Way, Saylor now uses the historical murder of tribune Publius Clodius/Claudius as the mystery. Good stuff!

But it's got me thinking... there are historical mysteries - mysteries that take place in an era other than current - and then there are HISTORICAL mysteries, which use actual murders/trials/what have you as the basis of the mystery. Anyone have any good ones of the HISTORICAL variety that they've read? :)
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