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A place where lovers of historical mysteries set in the Ancient, Dark Ages, Medieval, and Renaissance eras can share their favorite series, characters, and authors... come in, have a cuppa, and discuss!

1) Any flaming or trolling is VERBOTEN. End of story. Lively discussion and disagreement, however, is good when applicable. ;)

2) Spammers beware.

3) When you join, please take the time to post and introduce yourself with answers to a few questions:
Name /Username?
Country from?
Favorite authors/era?
Authors you'd like to read?
What do you like about the era(s) your favorite authors write in?
Comments on characters?
Comments on authors' writing styles?

Welcome! :)
adso of melk, baldwin de furnshill, bernard knight, brother athelstan, brother cadfael, brother eadulf, brother michael, candace robb, caroline roe, david wishart, edward marston, ellis peters, fiona buckley, gordianus the finder, hugh corbett, ian morson, john m. roberts, judith cook, justin de quincy, kate sedley, kathyrn swinbrooke, lauren haney, leonard tourney, lindsey davis, lord meren, lynda s. anderson, marcus didius falco, marcus valerius messalla corvinus, margaret frazer, margaret kerr of perth, marilyn todd, mathew bartholomew, matthew and joan stock, michael jecks, nicholas bracewell, nick revill, owen archer, paul doherty, paul harding, peter tremayne, philip gooden, phillippa gregory, rosemary rowe, shakespeare and smythe, sharon kay penman, simon hawke, simon puttock, sister fidelma, sister frevisse, steven saylor, susanna gregory, tom harper, umberto eco, william of baskerville